SPCA president could face jail time for taking dog out of home in abuse case

The Orange County District Attorney's Office is filing an appeal now that a high-profile animal cruelty case has been dismissed on a technicality.
A judge dismissed the case against Corbett Hoffman late last month, citing that evidence and the dog were taken from a home in Goshen without a search warrant.
Hudson Valley SPCA authorities say the 2-year-old French bulldog named Camo was starved for months and gained weight after being in their care.
High-profile civil rights attorney Michael Sussman defended the case for Hoffman.
"You cannot let the ends justify the means. That's a very dangerous kind of logic. They trespassed. If they felt they had some reason to get a warrant then they should have," said Hoffman.
The DA's office says there are instances where evidence can be taken without a search warrant.
SPCA President Joan Kay could now face jail time for contempt for rehoming the dog out of state without approval.
She tells News 12 that she would rather go to jail then see the dog suffer.