Spitzer reveals immigrant-friendly DMV changes

Immigrants in the Bronx will have an easier time getting a driver?s license and car insurance because of DMV policy changes announced by Gov. Eliot Spitzer.
The changes are in relation to policies on immigration status and applications for New York state licenses. Spitzer says the changes ?will bring people out of the shadows and into the system.?
The current policy, enacted in 2003 by former Gov. George Pataki, requires proof of a Social Security number to obtain a driver?s license. Spitzer?s changes will allow people to submit foreign passports or other types of identification for the process.
Spitzer says the changes will make streets safer by licensing more drivers. He also says they will bring insurance rates down. The governor defends the changes against criticism that they make it easier for people with dangerous intentions to gain access to services normally off limits.
Anti-fraud measures involving scanning and photo technology will be put into place in the coming months to increase security as well.
The policy change is expected to be fully enacted by next spring.