Spring Valley PBA calls for replacement of aging police cars

Police Benevolent Association officials are calling for swift action to replace the Spring Valley Police Department's aging fleet of patrol cars.
PBA President Matthew Galli says the department's patrol vehicles are run down. He says they're filled with dents, missing hubcaps and are being held together with duct tape in some cases.
"The other day we had an incident where an officer was out on a scene and the vehicle actually started overheating," says Galli. "It started smoking, and the vehicle had to be towed away from the scene."
The PBA wants village officials to take quick action to replace the vehicles. However, the board voted Tuesday to put a hold on getting new police cars because officials are weighing whether it's more cost effective to lease or buy.
The Spring Valley Fire Department is also looking to have some vehicles repaired or replaced.
The board is expected to meet again on July 18.