Spring Valley tenants still displaced from February fire decry management response

Construction to fix the damaged apartment units began today.

Diane Caruso

Jun 3, 2024, 9:42 PM

Updated 12 days ago


Residents of a Spring Valley apartment complex, still displaced from a February fire, are showing their frustrations.
Crews were seen clearing out damaged apartments on Slinn Avenue in Spring Valley on Monday. Several units were damaged after a fire there at the Surrey Carlton apartments that displaced dozens of people - including Khaliah Davis.
"Please take care of your tenants, do what's right," said Davis who lived there for years.
She's not happy with how management has been handling things since the fire.
"We only had less than a weeks’ notice to grab whatever is salvageable from our apartments," she said. "We lost all of our things and they're just willing to accommodate us by giving us $1,500. That doesn't even put a brunt into the things that we lost."
Davis showed News 12 the inside of her apartment. She pointed out water damage and things that were thrown about from the response to the blaze.
Another woman who lives there but did not give reveal her name said she's not happy.
“They only want to compensate us for like $1,500 and that's not even scratching the surface," she said.
Kelly Magee, spokesperson for Management Twenty-Six, gave News 12 a statement:
"As an acknowledgment of the fact that many of our residents do not have renters insurance, we are providing a generous stipend to help cover the replacement of any personal items that cannot be salvaged. We are also covering the cost to remediate all hard-surface items in the affected units, such as furniture, and will pay to have those items stored until residents can return. We encourage residents to reach out to our management office if they have any questions or concerns."
Construction to fix the damaged units began today.

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