State budget calls for more charter schools in state, BX

There will be more charter schools in the Bronx and the rest of New York if the state's $1.21 billion budget is passed for next year.The budget calls for 100 additional charter schools in the state and up to 50 for the city alone. Governor Spitzer (D-NY) and state lawmakers agreed to eliminate the cap set in 1998 and double the number of charter schools to 200. The governor and Republicans were reportedly looking for a total of 250 charter schools.Under the budget plan, there will also be $22 million in aid for traditional schools that lose students to charter schools. The State Board of Regents will determine which schools are granted charters and will take input from local taxpayers.It's expected that the final budget that is passed will eliminate the governor's plan to give parents who pay private and public school tuition a tax deduction. The budget will also create a fund for stem cell research.