State: Town of Ramapo's zoning, fire codes still inadequate

The Town of Ramapo is once again in hot water with the state over building and fire inspections.
Concern about the town's building and fire inspections is nothing new. In April, News 12's exclusive "Playing with Fire" investigation showed deficiencies in the town's enforcement of those codes, and the New York Department of State began cracking down on Ramapo.
The state has now sent an 18-page letter sent to the Ramapo building department in which it says the town's zoning and fire codes are still inadequate.
Town attorney Michael Klein is sending a reply to the state, outlining proposed changes the town is making, but he says most of what is involved relates to technical issues with old town ordinances.
According to Klein, the town is working with the state to answer questions about inspection procedures and qualifications of town inspectors. He says it's an ongoing process that will take time to fully work out.
If the changes are approved by the Department of State, Klein says the next step would be scheduling public hearings, which could be held in August or September.