THUNDERBOLT 12: Transformer fire in White Plains knocks out power

Thunderbolt 12 was on the scene of a transformer fire this morning that knocked power to a White Plains neighborhood.
The damaged transformer at Lake Street and Kensico Avenue caused outages for over 300 customers in the area.
With sparks and flames coming from the box, Con Edison emergency crews went up in the bucket loader and sprayed dry chemicals and doused the fire. It took several tries before they could get it out.
Police had to shut down a section of Lake Street, making for traffic headaches as people tried to get around.
Normally workers at nearby El Mercado Meat and Produce would be busy preparing coffee sandwiches and more for the breakfast and lunch crowd, but today all they can do was sit in the dark and wait. It's a tough and costly break.
"We have to throw out everything and start over again. Meat, vegetables, everything from the deli and milk products as well," says Bryan Rodriguez.
Power was expected to be out for most of the day. Con Ed crews tell News 12 there's a lot of work to be done with changing out not only the transformer but also the pole and wires.