Sullivan County couple faces charges in toddler's fatal beating

A Sullivan County couple are in custory, charged with beating a toddler to death.
Fallsburg police say what happened to 2-year-old Amara Campbell was unthinkable. Her mother’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Brian Owsinski, is accused of brutally beating the girl to death inside a home on Phoenix Lane in Woodburne back in January.
The girl's mother, Savannah Rubano, was arrested on Friday for “recklessly causing“ the child’s death and charged with manslaughter.
Reminders of the toddler remain at the family’s home, where News 12 saw Christmas wrapping in the garbage and toys for the little girl in the yard.
Fallsburg police say someone inside the house called 911, and when they got there they found the child’s lifeless body inside.
Owsinski was arrested right away, but it took weeks to charge the child’s mother.
Authorities told News 12 late Monday that the little girl died sometime between last November and January.
Owsinski is accused of depraved indifference, and Rubano is accused of “criminally culpable conduct” for failing to help to the child.