Summit aims for Internet safety

The New York City Council held a summit that aims to keep kids safe on the Internet.
The day-long program at City Hall included presentations by the nation's leading Internet experts. Kids were separated by age and taken to seminars where they could interact with instructors without parents present.
"We're here because we know there's some level of problem," says Council Speaker Christine Quinn. "We're here because we know we can't get stuck in that problem, lock away our computers, take away the handheld games and say 'no more.' "
One speaker at the event says that it's not just predators who pose a major risk. Bullying through social-networking sites Facebook and MySpace has become much more prevalent.
Quinn says that in addition to their new Internet education, participants will leave the summit armed with a support network of other educated New Yorkers who can help each other learn as Internet threats continue to grow and evolve.