Suspected serial robber nabbed after Clarkstown cop chase

A man suspected of repeatedly holding up Rockland County gas stations is behind bars Monday after allegedly leading police on a chase.
Authorities say Majed Sweis, of New City, pulled a knife on a clerk at a Mobil gas station on Route 59 in Nyack. Sweis, 35, allegedly cut the clerk on his arm and made off with $59 and six cartons of cigarettes in the early morning hours. Clarkstown police officers later caught up with Sweis, but they say he wouldn't stop. Sweis is accused of driving the wrong way on Route 59, almost slamming into two snowplows, and eventually ramming two patrol cars. Sweis was arrested near Nanuet Mall.
Records show Sweis has a long criminal history that includes drug and assault convictions. Investigators suspect he also robbed a gas station in Orangetown. Sweis is being held on $200,000 bail.