Sustainable energy program causes heated concerns in Yonkers

It comes as the deadline to opt out of the program is just weeks away.

News 12 Staff

Jan 20, 2022, 10:34 PM

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A new sustainable energy program is causing a wave of heated concerns in Yonkers.
It comes as the deadline to opt out of the program is just weeks away.
Letters recently landed in the mailboxes of Yonkers residents explaining that an energy service provider would be changed to a sustainable source with a fixed rate, unless people opted out.
"To be perfectly honest, it appeared to be junk mail," says Steve Tencer, of Yonkers. "I think the method was terrible, it was zero transparency in their messaging."
Many Yonkers residents threw the letter out, which is raising concerns as the deadline to opt out is Feb. 9.
Nina Orville is the executive director of Sustainable Westchester, which runs the program Westchester Power.
She says they've worked to raise awareness about the switch.
"In total, it's been about 30 events that have taken place and there a lot more that are scheduled," says Orville.
The program, which uses New York State Hydro Energy, isn't new. It already operates in 28 municipalities in Westchester with an 85% to 90% participation rate.
"It is a way to dramatically accelerate the use of renewable electricity at very competitive prices," says Orville.
Yonkers residents who take no action will be enrolled into 100% renewable energy at a fixed rate of 8.71 cents per kilowatt.
Residents can choose the standard nonrenewable fixed rate option or opt out and stay with Con Edison, which has a variable rate.
New rates will take effect in March, but the deadline to opt out is Feb. 9.
Those who accidentally threw out the letter can still opt out by sending an email to

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