Tarrytown mother of twin babies discusses difficult search to find formula

She said there was no issue initially, but it's been increasingly harder to find over the past month.

News 12 Staff

May 12, 2022, 9:52 PM

Updated 792 days ago


A Tarrytown mom spoke to News 12 about trying to find formula for her child amid the nationwide baby shortage.
Lauren Capuano says finding baby formula wasn't an issue when she gave birth to her first two children.
"With our other kids, we never had an issue. We didn't use formula," she said.
She says they made the decision to formula feed their now 3-month-old twins.
She said there was no issue initially, but it's been increasingly harder to find over the past month.
"We've seen formula at Target, but there's a limit at Target to four containers," she says. "And we've been able to order some off of Amazon."

She is now reaching out to friends and families near - and as far as the Sunshine State - to help find formula.
"We even have somebody from Florida overnighting us formula so that we have stock for next few weeks," she says.
Officials with Abbott Nutrition say they hope to reopen its formula production plan in Michigan within the next two weeks.
It will need FDA approval before reopening. If it gets the green light, products would be on the shelves again in six to eight weeks.
The state is stepping in now by providing resources for families in need of formula.

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