Teacher uses TikTok to help connect with students

Nicole Lehoczky is now known as the TikTok teacher.

News 12 Staff

May 12, 2021, 12:29 AM

Updated 1,127 days ago


Teachers have had a tough job keeping kids' attention via Zoom this year, but one Bronx teacher from Rockland County is now trending because of how she's been able to do it on TikTok.
Nicole Lehoczky, from Pearl River, is now known as the TikTok teacher.
She makes daily videos about the life of a teacher and gives different lessons in fun, goofy ways.
Over 18,000 people started following her this year, but what's more important is that she says she's noticing a difference in her students.
"They're so much more interested in learning because they know I'm trying to capture them, with using TikTok, along with my curriculum," she says.
Get out your phones now and start following her because she's made a promise to her class that if she gets 25,000 followers, she'll dye her hair blue.

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