Teachers-turned-authors hope their first book inspires children to learn

Two educators-turned-authors hope their new book will inspire children to learn and for people to follow their dreams.
Pre-K teachers Jade Greene-Grant and Barbara Magnotta realized in 2010 that kids needed more help with language skills. So they wrote "Animals Eating the Alphabet" – but publishing seemed expensive.
"On a teacher's paycheck, we're not just going to come into a windfall of money. So what can we do? So let's apply to different game shows," Greene-Grant says.
Magnotta hopped on a plane across the country to support Greene-Grant on "Wheel of Fortune." Greene-Grant won, but then the pandemic hit and the pair had to shift from becoming authors to becoming innovative virtual teachers.
They soon figured out kids needed language help more than ever so they got back to publishing. They both say they're excited to finally have "Animals Eating the Alphabet" published.
Magnotta and Greene-Grant say they're certainly not done teaching, but they hope their book will help kids learn to read.
"Animals Eating the Alphabet" it's available now on Amazon. The teachers say this is just the first of a whole series of books.