‘The Bronx meets Vienna: A street photography study’ on display at Poe Park

You may not think to connect the Bronx with a European city, but it's exactly what one photographer did. 
A new exhibit at the Poe Park Visitor Center in Kingsbridge features street photography from the around the borough right alongside pictures from Vienna, Austria. 
Artist Thomas Stubbings visited the Bronx in May of last year and documented the trip in the photos now on display. He then did the same thing in Vienna, the city he calls home. 
The photographs are paired off showing common and perhaps unexpected threads between the two cities thousands of miles away from each other. Stubbings says he aimed to bring out each city's real character, formed by its people, places and daily life, rather than showing off their touristy elements. 
The exhibit, titled "The Bronx meets Vienna: A street photography study," is free and open to the public through Aug. 16