The Real Deal: Where you can find some relief from skyrocketing prices

 It is getting more expensive to live in New York.
The latest consumer price index shows many categories are rising, but News 12’s Kristie Reeter has The Real Deal on where there is some relief.
Caleb Silver of Investopedia says food and shelter prices are soaring.
"Food and shelter prices remain very high in the New York area. If you look across the categories, food away from home -- that is dining out in restaurants -- is up 6.8% from last year, that keeps getting more expensive month after month. Shelter that's rent costs primarily, up 6.2% and then alcoholic beverages those are up 4.6% year over year."
However, Investopedia says there are other areas seeing a decrease in cost from a year ago including meat, fish, poultry and egg costs. So are the prices of used cars and trucks.