Health Department shares tips in response to rabid fox that bit 4 in Westchester

Westchester County Dept. of Health shares rabies prevention tips after rabid fox found in county.
The Westchester County Department of Health is making sure you stay safe from wild animals after four residents were bitten by a rabid fox.
The department says you can't be certain that an animal has rabies just by looking at it. While many animals with rabies can be aggressive, foam at the mouth, or have seizures, many can still act tame and friendly.
Some of its tips to prevent rabies include simply avoiding contact with wildlife or stray animals, bat-proofing your home, making sure your pets are under direct supervision, and vaccinating them. The county holds three free rabies clinics per year.
If you end up getting bitten by a potentially rabid animal, immediately wash the area, report the bite, and call your doctor for medical advice.
If you want to learn more information or have any other questions, you should contact the Westchester County Department of Health.