'There's no plan.' Franklin Towers resident in Tarrytown says elevators haven't worked for 2 months

Residents at Franklin Towers in Tarrytown, tell News 12 how difficult it's been with no functioning elevators for two months.
"I'm 75 years old, but I go up. It is hard for me to when I have to carry stuff and I live on the eigth floor," says a resident named Carmen.
And she considers herself lucky.
"I just seen this lady, she's 85 years old, she's going to do laundry with two bags, and I heard something. She was throwing the bags down the stairs so she can make it. Imagine when she has to go up the stairs with this bag," says Carmen.
Carmen says the building is 10 floors and she estimates about 40% of the tenants to be elderly and primarily living on the top floors, leaving them stranded.
"Every week they tell us it's going to be fixed, it's not fixed," says Carmen.
This building is part of the Tarrytown Municipal Housing Authority, which has an office in the building. Carmen says there's no way they aren't aware of the situation.
"I'm so frustrated with this, there's no plan, nobody is there saying 'Can we help you? Can we do this?' No," she said.
News 12 reached out to the Housing Authority and Village Hall but did not hear back in time for broadcast.