These are the treatments that President Trump is taking as he battles COVID-19

President Donald Trump's physician says that he is being treated for COVID-19 with the antiviral medication Remdesivir, an experimental antibody treatment and several over the counter medications.
He says the president also received a single dose of an antibody cocktail made by the biotech firm Regeneron on Friday.
A memo from the president's doctor says the first infusion was completed without incident. He said Saturday that the treatment will continue over a five-day course.
The White House doctor also says the president doesn't need any supplemental oxygen and is resting comfortably.
There are no approved treatments for COVID-19, but the Regerneron antibody cocktail has shown promise and Remdesivir has been given emergency use authorization.
Dr. Prashant Malhotra, a doctor at Northwell Health's Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research which served as the lead investigator in a clinical trial of Remdesivir, says the next week will be crucial for the president's health.
He says the antiviral medication has been shown to help patients fight COVID-19 if it's administered early in the infection. The president's doctors say he's receiving a five-day course of the drug.
In addition to Remdesivir and the Regeneron antibody cocktail, Trump is also taking several over-the-counter medications including zinc, vitamin D, a generic form of the heartburn medicine Pepcid, the sleep aid melatonin and a daily aspirin.
Malhotra says there's not much data showing those over-the-counter drugs are effective against COVID-19.
The Regeneron treatment is still in clinical trials.