Tips to avoid scams on Cyber Monday

This Cyber Monday, thousands of Americans are browsing for the best holiday deals, but scammers are looking to cash in on your shopping.
According to the Better Business Bureau, online scams are happening 33% more often compared to last year.
"Scammers are very creative and they will try and find ways to scam you," said Katie Sherwin, director of Consumer Services, New York.
Sherwin warns shoppers to be weary of shopping through ads on social media.
"The deals look really good people go on that site and think they are buying genuine products and they end up with cheap knock offs or nothing at all," she said.
Shoppers should also beware of fake websites.
"Scammers have gotten really good at mimicking retailers websites to try and steal consumer information or steal money," said Sherwin.
The Department of State's Consumer Protection Division also recommends these tips:
  • Check the website's encryption; It's easier than you think. Before entering your credit card information, make sure that the website's address begins with "https" and that there is a closed lock on the website address bar or unbroken key symbol in the lower portion of your window.
  • Don't keep the credit card on file for future purchases. Provide your credit card number each time you make a purchase.
  • Designate one credit card and one email address for online shopping. This will allow for easy review of purchases and provide protection in case of a dispute.