Travel down 10% as Hudson Valley takes to the road for Thanksgiving

Health officials continue to warn against traveling for Thanksgiving this year but are people really taking this advice across the U.S. and in the Hudson Valley?
So far through the air, they're not. TSA has screened nearly one million Americans each day since last Friday -- the busiest stretch for airports since March.
Despite the high numbers, air travel is expected to be down around 50% this year.
As far as driving, AAA predicts nearly 48 million people will take to the roads for the holiday. That's down more than 4% from last year.
And other means like busses and trains are down 75% from 2019.
Health experts still say the safest way to celebrate this week is at home with those you already live with. "The safest thing to do this Thanksgiving is not travel. There are millions of people in airports et cetera. If you do travel, please look at that CDC website and know how to be safe," says HHS Assistant Health Secretary Adm. Brett Giroir.
AAA is anticipating at least a 10% decrease in overall travel, which would be the largest one-year drop since the Great Recession in 2008.