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Tuckahoe department store to close after 87 years

Epstein’s Dry Goods is closing after nearly 90 years in business.

News 12 Staff

Sep 23, 2020, 9:57 PM

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Epstein’s Dry Goods is closing after nearly 90 years in business.
The family-owned store on Columbus Avenue sells everything from kids clothing to shoes and jeans.
Owner Mark Epstein says the decision came about after realizing the difficulty to compete with online stores like Amazon.
"We weathered all kinds of different competition: department stores, chain stores, all that. But the internet proved to be too formidable,” says Epstein.
Epstein further goes on to mention the coronavirus pandemic being the final nail in the coffin. "The coffin had been laid 5 years prior, and this was just more than you could withstand."
Loyal customers like Gerard Acer and Jane Meath have been supporters for decades.
"My mom used to take me over from Eastchester, and we used to come here,” says Acer.
“Truthfully, it's heartbreaking," said customer Jane Meath. "This is a local store that has served my family well."
In the company’s heyday, the payroll consisted on 60 employees. But now, it’s only Epstein and his partner Steve.
News 12 is told the store is expected to close for good in November and a daycare center has since purchased the building.
“I think my father would love it, my father loved children,” says Epstein. “It was the thing he like best about this business.”

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