Turning tragedy to change: Rockland family marks anniversary of fatal shooting with journey to Texas

A Rockland family is marking the one-year anniversary of their loved one's death in a mass shooting last year by working to protect others.
Douglas Kantor died last June in a mass shooting in downtown Austin, Texas.
The Airmont native was one of 14 people hit by gunfire and later succumbed to his injuries.
The Kantor family recently took a trip to the spot where it happened to mark the one-year anniversary of Doug's passing. They also visited a gun store to discuss responsible gun ownership.
Doug's brother, Nicklaus Kantor, tells News 12 the family would like to see stiffer punishments for people found with illegal guns and for those who do not safely store theirs away.
Nick Kantor says the gun used in the shooting that killed his brother Doug was stolen.
"Instead of blaming the inanimate object, we need to start putting the blame on the individuals behind the object and holding them accountable," Nick Kantor said.
The suspected gunman in the case, De'Ondre White, faces a murder charge and a dozen other counts for aggravated assault for injuring people in the shooting. A Texas paper says White is set to appear in court later this month.