Two lifelong friends create monthly boxes for children

Two childhood friends are helping busy parents shop for their children each month.
Last summer, Riki Meris-Koulouroudis and Effie Sakellis created The Em and Liz Box, a monthly subscription box for girls. The two recently created a monthly box for boys, the Zoom Kid Box.
The lifelong friends and now mothers started their business as a way to help other parents, some who may not have much free time, get things for their kids.
The boxes are filled with toys, accessories and educational material, based on a different theme each month.
"We try to touch on everything, a little bit of craft, a few accessories, a fun toy, a game,” said Sakellis.  “Just to make it unique and fresh month after month.”
The boxes also come with stationary that is based on the month's theme to help encourage kids to write.