Police: 2 Yonkers police officers T-boned in chain-reaction crash

Yonkers police say two officers were driving eastbound on Prospect Street when they went through the intersection and their vehicle was T-boned by another car.

News 12 Staff

Jul 5, 2024, 3:44 PM

Updated 8 days ago


Two Yonkers police officers were injured in a chain-reaction crash early Friday morning at the busy intersection of Riverdale Avenue and Prospect Street.
The incident happened around 1:30 a.m.
Authorities say two police officers from the 4th Precinct were on their way to serve as backup for other officers who were on a call. Yonkers police say the two officers were driving eastbound on Prospect Street. As they went through the intersection with sirens on and lights flashing, they were T-boned by another car. The police car spun around and went careening into scaffolding.
Yonkers Police Detective Sgt. Frank DiDomizio told News 12 that the two officers sustained minor injuries and are OK. He says the other car's three occupants are also OK.
“The car came to rest underneath the scaffolding behind us, and they're just shoring it up to make sure they can get the car out safely without the rest of it falling,” DiDomizio said.
The police officers and the occupants in the other car were not identified.
The scaffolding stretches all the way down Riverdale to the next block. The initial hit did not cause a domino effect and bring the scaffolding down.
No tickets had been issued to the driver of the other car as of Friday evening.

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