Understanding ketamine and the death of Matthew Perry

"Friends" actor Matthew Perry's autopsy report says his cause of death was acute effects of ketamine.
The drug targets a key chemical in the brain, which causes people to feel disconnected from themselves and their feelings. It has a history of being used in anesthesia for animals and people. It is also known for being as hallucinogenic drug.
In 2019, a version of the drug, esketamine, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat depression along with an anti-depressant.
Although published reports say Perry recently underwent a medically supervised ketamine treatment, doctors say to have a severe and sudden amount of the drug in his system suggests Perry took the drug without medical supervision shortly being getting into a pool.
The autopsy showed the overdose slowed down Perry's breathing. That combination with coronary artery disease and medication he was on for opioid use disorder caused him to accidentally drown.
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