Unexpected tragedy coupled with inflation has Westchester business owners in a bind

This past December, Laura Timmons' daughter was getting a ride from a friend when they got into a terrible car accident.

Emily Young

Jun 4, 2024, 12:14 AM

Updated 21 days ago


Sibling business owners in Westchester County are dealing with the impact of inflation along with an unexpected tragedy.
Laura Timmons is a third-generation baker. She owns Homestyle Desserts in Peekskill along with her brother – a business that has been around for 56 years.
"We have ice cream, coffee, boba tea, homemade cakes, pastries, vegan, gluten free," says Timmons.
They've been very successful, even opening up a second location in 2018. But the business has been struggling over the last few years due to inflation.
Co-owner Jason Elias explained that the price of shortening, chocolate and butter have all skyrocketed.
But if only that was her biggest problem. This past December, Laura's daughter was getting a ride from a friend when they got into a terrible car accident.
"[The friend] passed away and she had a traumatic brain injury. She can’t walk, talk or eat," explained Timmons.
Theresa, 16, is now at a rehab center, and Laura's world has been turned upside down.
"I sleep there four nights a week, I'm there five days a week, I get one full day here on Saturdays. We never leave her alone...It’s a lot but you just do it," she said.
Luckily for her -- friends and family take turns working at the bakery or being at the hospital. But so has someone else – the mother of the boy driving that night. She helps Theresa at the hospital at least twice a week.
"You know, like motion exercising, talking to her, cleaning her....She’s very sad and when she’s there it takes her mind off a little bit," said Timmons.
Circumstances that would’ve caused a tremendous breach with these families have brought them together.
"She said to her one day, ‘When you're better, you'll never have to see me again, don't worry’ and I looked at her and said, ‘No, my daughters not like that. You're stuck with her for the rest of your life.’"

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