UPS: Storm may delay vaccination distribution

The winter storm is expected to have a major impact on the area in more ways than one - it may even delay vaccine distribution.
A spokesperson for UPS tells News 12 that, "The safety of our employees is always our first focus…should roadways or airports be closed we will observe all closures and UPS will be ready to deliver as soon as it is safe."
UPS and FedEx are delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to vaccination sites from Rockland-based Pfizer's plants in Michigan and Wisconsin.
UPS tells News 12 they have a full team of meteorologists who are monitoring weather, so air and ground operations teams can anticipate and respond to changing weather conditions.
The postal service is also equipped with a new health care command center to monitor vaccine distribution - including the vaccine's temperature - that can step in with contingency plans if it appears a package may be delayed.
Operation Warp Speed's General Gustave Perna also has said some of the vaccine is already being held in a "safety stock" in case of an emergency.