Warning: NY drivers who need vision tests could lose license Friday as COVID rule expires

Drivers in New York who renewed their licenses amid the pandemic's onset might face license suspensions by the end of this week due to pending eye tests required for renewal, impacting approximately 50,000 individuals across the state.
The New York State DMV allowed license renewals at the pandemic's outset to postpone mandatory vision tests by self-certification online, given the closures of DMV and medical facilities. However, those who renewed licenses between March 1, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2021, without completing an eye test risk license suspension effective this Friday, Dec. 1, if not certified.
Drivers can complete the required vision test by visiting a doctor, directly approaching the DMV, or utilizing pharmacy services. "It's the convenience of coming here versus waiting and getting an appointment at the DMV which I'm sure is packed right now," says Mitesh Patel, owner of Sunshine Pharmacy.
DMV officials emphasized notifications sent via mail, email, and text to individuals needing the eye exam, stressing the importance of prompt action. Failure to comply could lead to severe consequences, including fines, tickets, and potential jail time for driving with a suspended license in New York. They also advised that the eye exam processing takes approximately five days, urging individuals not to delay the certification process.
Find a vision test provider near you using this link.
Details on how to submit the form can be found here.
Commercial driver’s license holders can find details here.