Westchester's Bee-Line Bus offers free holiday fares; Metro-North giving discounts as well

Who doesn't like a good freebie? Especially around the holiday season!
Amidst the holiday spending spree, relief is on the way for Bee-Line bus riders starting Dec. 16. For a stretch until Jan. 1, fares will be suspended, granting commuters a cost-saving respite. This fare waiver will also extend to the county's paratransit system.
Westchester County officials highlighted the immense ridership of the Bee-Line bus service, ranking second in the state, trailing only behind New York City. During the summer's free fare period for Bee-Line buses, officials reported a remarkable uptick in ridership, soaring by 22% on weekdays and an astounding 40% on weekends.
"This marks the second consecutive holiday season offering free Bee-Line bus fares. We're capable of managing these costs through our prudent financial strategies, ending the year with a surplus in our county budget," affirmed Westchester County Executive George Latimer (D).
Meanwhile, today's gridlock alert in New York City has commuters seeking traffic solutions. Enter the 'CityTicket' by Metro-North, providing discounted fares of $5 for off-peak travel and $7 for peak hours within the city. This initiative offers a way to sidestep traffic hassles while saving on commuting costs during this bustling season.