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While mask mandates are in place for schools, what happens if a child tests positive?

Remote learning is not an option for many schools, even if a classmate ends up quarantined.

News 12 Staff

Aug 28, 2021, 1:01 AM

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While masks will be mandated in school, many parents are still wondering what happens if their child's classmate tests positive for COVID-19.
Remote learning is not an option for many schools, even if a classmate ends up quarantined.
The quarantine process is up to the county Board of Health. The board is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"I think the inflection point will be in October, because October is when cold and flu season starts, and you can expect if COVID gets more out of control -- that's when we'll start to see it," said Dr. Robert Baker, president of the Westchester County Board of Health.
If a child confirmed with coronavirus is asymptomatic, close contacts -- whether vaccinated or not -- will not need to quarantine at home after exposure. However, this can only happen if social distancing and masks requirements are in place.
The CDC says close contacts can continue in-person learning if they're masked up in schools.
"One of the reasons we are so adamant about making sure that facial coverings or masks are worn in school facilities and on district transportation is because ... if people are wearing masks in schools, the chances of them getting caught up in a contact trace and being subsequently quarantined are far diminished," said Dr. Joseph Ricca, superintendent of White Plains Schools.
He says if an entire class needs to quarantine, White Plains is ready to pivot to remote instruction, but they do have a program to provide quarantined students with the instruction and materials they'll need.

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