Woman accused of abducting daughter, hiding child from police under staircase back in court

A Hudson Valley mom accused of abducting her daughter and hiding the child from police beneath a staircase was back in court Wednesday.
Kimberly Shultis walked in much differently for this court appearance Wednesday compared to last month when she was first charged.
This time, the 33-year-old mother didn't hide from the cameras and arrived surrounded by supporters who were all wearing blue.
Shultis, her husband and father-in-law are accused of abducting the couple's 6-year-old - Paislee Shultis - after losing custody to the child's maternal grandmother two years ago.
Paislee and her older sister were taken away after their father was arrested twice and the grandmother reportedly expressed concerns about alleged drug use and the children's welfare.
The child was found in February by police - hidden inside a cold, makeshift box beneath the family's stairwell in Saugerties.
Kimberly's attorney reiterated her not guilty plea in court and asked the judge if the criminal restraining order for Paislee could be modified to allow for communication.
The judge said she wouldn't interfere with that request but left the final decision up to the Family Court judge handling that part of the case.
Kimberly Shultis left court without saying a word.
Her attorney also had no comment and asked News 12 to send her an email for information. So far, there has been no reply.
Shultis, her husband and father-in-law are charged with custodial interference and endangering the welfare of a child.
They are due back in court in April.