Wall collapses at Yonkers auto body shop

Theresa Boulvin, the owner of P and T’s Auto Care Shop, says it has been a known issue that the building is unsafe, but nothing has been done by the landlord.

News 12 Staff

Dec 23, 2022, 8:33 PM

Updated 523 days ago


The owner of a Yonkers auto body shop says they discovered their wall collapsed Friday morning.
Theresa Boulvin, the owner of P and T's Auto Care, received a call from a next-door resident who usually parks her car nearby that the shop's wall had collapsed.
"She called me in a panic. She said that she had almost literally drove her car into the hole. Thank God if she didn't see it, she would have collapsed down obviously into the hole," says Boulvin.
That's when Boulvin made her way over and saw the giant hole.
The weather made matters worse by causing mud and rain to slide in, plus the bricks that made up that part of the wall are now on the floor.
"It compromises the integrity of the building, the roof, the other side of the wall of the building," she says.
They've had concerns about the building for a while now.
Last year, they were hit hard by Ida, even though they were told it wasn't a flooding zone.
"It came up several feet and flooded the whole entire shop out," she says.
The city inspector has looked at the damage and has deemed it unsafe.
They've placed a sheet of plywood to avoid any overnight weather making matters worse but are looking for a more permanent fix to avoid having to shut down.

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