Yonkers bar holds fundraiser for tenants displaced by deadly apartment building fire

A Yonkers bar held a fundraiser Friday to help people who were impacted by a deadly fire.
Dozens of people who were left without a home after the fire were at the event to have a moment of fun amidst a lot of heartbreak.
One person was killed and several others were hurt in early March in a fast-moving fire around 1 a.m. at the Mona Lisa Co-op building on Bronx River Road.
"Even when I talk about it now, it just gets me sad," said Keith Marcus, who had lived at the building for 20 years with his family.
Eventually, officials found an electric heating lamp for marijuana plants likely sparked the fire.
The fire-impacted neighbors were so thankful for the help they have received from so many, but there is still so much they need.
That is where this "Hearts and Hands" benefit came in.
The owner of Burke's Restaurant and Bar, who already hosted a food and clothing drive, had planned this fundraiser since the day of the fire.
The event also featured music and a raffle, with proceeds going to the neighbors who consider the bar like the one on "Cheers."
The neighbors just ask others not forget them as time moves on, even if all they can give is a hug.
Some of the attendees said they have stayed with family for the last several weeks and are starting to find their own places.
However, they added that they have not been able to get back into their old apartments to collect their belongings. They explained that it is hard to start over without what for some of them are decades of memories in material items.