'It could happen to you.' Lucky Rye market aims to sell another big prize ahead of $785M Powerball drawing

Chestnut Market in Rye is celebrating something extraordinary – the shop sold the Sept. 23 second-prize-winning Powerball ticket that was worth $1 million.
Customers who frequent the store, like Jeff Gold, couldn't believe it.
"Usually, you hear these things are sold in smaller towns, elsewhere. So, it's exciting that someone around here won." Gold said.
If you weren't the lucky customer who purchased the second-prize-winning ticket, don't worry. You still have a chance to win big tonight. The Powerball drawing at 11 p.m. is worth $785 million.
Some customers that News 12 spoke with think the odds of another winning ticket getting sold at Chestnut Market are slim. However, that didn't stop some shoppers, like David Ansel, from wanting to join in on the fun.
"You never really feel like it can happen to you, but it could happen to you," Ansel said.
Despite buying a Powerball ticket about once a week, Ansel told News 12 that he's still perfecting his strategy.
"I just go totally random, and I let the gods decide," Ansel said.
However, if he did win, Ansel said he knew exactly what he would do with the money.
"That money would go toward my family and charity," Ansel said.
Powerball drawings are televised every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 p.m.