2 firefighters suffer minor injuries during massive house fire in Beacon

Two Beacon firefighters are expected to be OK after a close call during a house fire on Friday when a ceiling collapsed.
Beacon fire officials say the blaze started around 5 a.m. at 28 West Church St.
One firefighter was taken to the hospital, and another was treated at the scene, according to officials.
A News 12 viewer gave us video of the scene showing thick smoke billowing from the heavily burning residence. Neighbors say they were worried the blaze would spread.
“It was totally on fire,” says James Booth. “I was outside for a bit watching it, hoping it didn’t catch the tree.”
An alert neighbor tells News 12 he woke up and noticed his lights were flickering. He says he smelled smoke, went outside and saw the house in flames.
“I ran up the block and saw flames coming out of the window,” says Keith Shipp.
Shipp says he called 911 for help.
Officials and neighbors say the house was under renovation.
“I know they’ve been working on the house for about a year and upgrading it,” Booth says.
The homeowner was on the scene but didn’t want to go on camera. Authorities say the house was a two-family apartment building but that only one apartment was rented. They say no one was home during the fire.
“I feel sorry for the gentleman that has been working on the house. He’s been doing so much,” says Booth.
Officials say the house is destroyed. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.
Image credit – Ed Mendoza
Images courtesy Beacon Fire Department