40th anniversary marked of attack that killed US Marines in Lebanon, including 3 with ties to the Hudson Valley

Monday marked 40 years since Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon were bombed in a terrorist attack that killed many people, including some who lived in the Hudson Valley.
The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.
According to the United States Embassy in Lebanon, the suicide bomber drove a truck filled with explosives into the Marine barracks there and detonated it. The explosion crumbled the building and killed 241 U.S. servicemembers. Three of those service members had ties to Westchester County— Cpl. James Jackowski, of South Salem, Cpl. Bert Corcoran, of Katonah, and Cpl. Craig Wyche, of Ossining.
"These three men from Westchester County died that day, they were sleeping, they were sleeping in their barracks. They were not in the field, they were not in a combat setting. They were there as a peacekeeping force, but the forces that did not want peace won that skirmish that day by killing those Americans,” Westchester County Executive George Latimer said.
This anniversary of this attack comes as war rages on in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas.