5th-graders start petition to end traditional homework

Two fifth-graders in Rockland County may be the reason one school district may soon do away with traditional homework.
Chris DeLeon and Niko Keeley, from Farley Elementary School in Stony Point, say they started a petition last fall to do away with traditional homework.
The petition now has 150 signatures, and the students say they are shocked teachers and administrators are listening to them.
Kris Felicello, North Rockland assistant superintendent of educational services, says the boys' petition was a catalyst for change on a topic he and other educators were already thinking about.
“They have group chats where they're texting each other all the answers – ‘I'll do this problem, you do that problem’ - and just copying it down. What are kids getting out of that?” asks Felicello.
With less traditional homework, DeLeon says he now has more time to spend on theater classes and being outside.

North Rockland administrators say the committee is meeting regularly to discuss how to rewrite the district's homework policy.