Adult eating disorder treatment center coming to Rockland County

A new adult eating disorder treatment center is coming to Rockland County.
Monte Nido & Affiliates, an eating disorder treatment platform, is expanding access in New City.
The coronavirus pandemic impacted many aspects of our lives, including an increase rate of mental health issues. A medical director says opening local programs is very important. 
"New research says eating disorder hospitalization doubled during the pandemic, so now more than ever we need to continue treating all types of eating disorders," says Melissa Spann, chief clinical officer at Monte Nido & Affiliates. 
"Local to people's homes. so that they're family members or their caregivers; whoever is within their circle of support has ongoing access to them and is part of their treatment."
Like many disorders, eating disorders do not discriminate.
"Anyone from any type of background, race, gender, size, ethnicity, ability level can be impacted," says Spann. 
Because eating disorders aren't usually confined to a bubble, they are also able to treat beyond anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and exercise addiction.
"There are other disorders we are treating in conjunction with the eating disorder. Anxiety, depression, substance-related abuse and others," says Nann. 
The facility is still under construction and hopes to be accepting patients by early March.