Affordable housing gives Nyack woman new lease on life

A Nyack woman says her new affordable housing unit has helped reboot her life.
Yvonne Cunningham says she wasn't happy with her old home, and that it was in a drug-ridden neighborhood.
"I was living alone, and I didn't feel safe," she says.
Despite having a job, Cunningham says she doesn't make enough money to afford life in many of the nearby, pricier neighborhoods.
But a new affordable housing complex on Main Street has given her a chance to get out of a bad area. She was one of 33 people selected from a pool of about 500 applicants to move into the new Nyack Point Apartments.
"They're able to get decent, affordable housing in a very nice area," says Gerri Levy, the $10 million complex's executive director. "Each apartment is modern and energy-efficient."
"I love it so much," Cunningham says.