AG candidate Pirro fights back against wiretapping probe

Attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro appeared before a supportive crowd in the Bronx Thursday as she fought back against her critics and prosecutors concerning a federal probe.
Pirro was at a campaign stop in the Bronx where members of the Hispanic Clergy Association applauded her for keeping her marriage together for her children at all costs. Pirro revealed Wednesday that she is the subject of a federal investigation into a possible violation of eavesdropping laws. Pirro suspected her lobbyist husband, Al Pirro, of having an affair and spoke to former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, a personal security consultant, about possibly bugging her husband?s boat. It was a plan she never carried out.
Now, Pirro is demanding a federal investigation into the leak of sealed court documents that state she planned to secretly record her husband. She is calling for the U.S. attorney general to investigate the local U.S. attorney in charge of the probe involving her. Pirro says the leaked sealed court records coming out 40 days before an election to tar a candidate when no crime was committed is an outrage and tantamount to a witch hunt.
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