American Airlines investing $25M in UK electric aircraft startup

American Airlines is getting in the flying taxi game and will invest $25 million into Vertical Aerospace Group, a U.K.-based electric aircraft startup. The airline is looking to reduce its carbon footprint. The taxis will be able to fly passengers above crowded highways at speeds of up to 200 mph.
The BTS craze continues. More than a dozen Indonesian McDonald's outlets were temporarily closed on Wednesday over COVID-19 concerns as the chain's new BTS meal deal sparked a frenzy from fans. Jakarta and several other cities reported similar closures. In the U.S., McDonald's has seen record-breaking traffic thanks to the meal.
An NFT sold in a Sotheby's auction went for more than $11 million, a new world auction record for a single cryptopunk. The buyer was billionaire Shalom Mackenzie, the largest shareholder of DraftKings. Cryptopunks are an assortment of pixelated avatars, with 10,000 in existence and no two exactly alike.