Amusement industry complains it’s one of the few businesses still closed

Amusement parks and family entertainment centers remain shuttered across the state as a result of the pandemic.
Now, some owners are pushing to change that decision. Venues have installed Plexiglas, sanitization stations, UV lights in air vents, a thermal temperature monitor and more.
One arcade has even turned off every other game in order to ensure people are keeping their distance. More than 50 Arcade Amusement and Attractions Advocates have formed a coalition to call on the state for guidance and to allow them to open. "This has cost us a lot of money coming out of our pocket, especially when we have no income coming into our business," says Ryan D'Amico, General Manager at Laser Bounce.       
A spokesperson from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Office released a statement saying, in part, "...with the threat of a second wave on the horizon, we are continuing to monitor how and when higher-risk industries like amusement parks can safely reopen."