Are school buses ready to go into ‘Beast Mode?'

A new piece of equipment to combat climate change was on display at a school in Westchester County Monday.
That tool is called ‘The Beast,’ and it was being previewed at Fox Lane High School.
No need to fear though, ‘The Beast’ is just a school bus from Greenpower Motor and it stands for Battery, Electric, Automotive, School Transportation.
It’s a zero emission, electric vehicle that can hold 90 people, or in this case, students. A fully charged battery goes about 120 miles with its useful life being 10 years. It costs $400,000.
The company, state lawmakers, local environmental advocacy groups and school officials were at the school today to check it out and ask details like cost, maintenance and more.
Included in the group were two students who last year asked the district to consider adding electric vehicles. "The more small steps we take, it leads to a better future overall," says Danielle Mazlish, Fox Lane High School student. "Hopefully we can get the funding for it in the future because I think it's something that can really benefit all the students and families and everyone in our community," says Sheldon Rothfleisch, Fox Lane High School student.