State lawmaker calls for more mass COVID-19 vaccination sites in Hudson Valley

As Brooklyn celebrates its new mass COVID-19 vaccination site, families in the Hudson Valley say they feel left in the cold.
Westchester is the only Hudson Valley county with a mass vaccination site, and a second one is opening next week.
The state Health Department tells News 12 that it's aiming for "communities where access is lowest, hesitancy rates are the highest, and vaccination rates are below average, but as with everything, the state's supply is limited by the allocation we receive from the federal government. We look forward to being able to continue to expand access as the federal government increases the supply of vaccines."
"Part of the rationale behind these sites is bringing a state-run into a community and having that easy access for a community and its residents," says state Sen. James Skoufis.
Skoufis is pushing for the next site to land west of the Hudson River in Newburgh, to accommodate Rockland and Orange residents. Locations he's suggesting include the Armory or the recreation center.
"It's fairly accessible for drivers through the region. Does have much lower vaccination rates than some of the surrounding communities," he says
Even with more sites, it doesn't mean finding appointments will become any easier. The only state-run sites with times available are the two that just opened in New York City, but those are only for locals.