Audit: Dept. of Sanitation misused resources

When it comes to cleaning vacant lots in the Bronx, the comptroller?s office says the city Department of Sanitation is inefficiently using resources and lacking supervision.An audit by New York City Comptroller William Thompson finds that sanitation workers claim they've been cleaning trash from vacant lots that were already clean. The report also claims the Department of Sanitation Lot Cleaning Division misused equipment and manpower.The Ogden Avenue lot is one of four Bronx lots cited in the 31-page audit. Tracy Okunseri, who lives near the lot, said, ?They're using us and taking our money away when we need it for important stuff...and they're not even using the money.? The comptroller's office said the audit has been handed over to the city's Department of Investigations to ensure the sanitation department follows it's recommendations in cleaning up empty lots.