Bear cub stuck up in tree throughout snowstorm outside Warwick

A bear cub has been stuck in a tree just outside of Warwick for the past four days.
The young bear is stranded up a tree along Longhouse Drive in Hewitt, New Jersey. Neighbor say the bear, unable to come down during the snowstorm, was stuck between branches at one point. 
Though the bear is no longer stuck, he appears frightened. Neighbors are hoping the bear will come down on its own. 
"Especially through the storm that we had. I thought he was going to be found dead the next day," says Garth Pusey, of Hewitt. "But from what I understand, these things are resilient but apparently they can master this weather."
New Jersey wildlife officials say it's not uncommon for bears to stay in trees for days and that the bear should eventually come down on its own.