Blizzard 2006 night update, HV

? Many residents in the Northeast are trying to dig out of snow left over from a record-setting blizzard that started blowing out of the region Sunday.
According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts were as high as 60 mph in some areas, shaking trees, making driving difficult and whipping up snow. Visibility was down to near zero for those who braved local roadways. Snowfall was as high as 26 inches in Manhattan and 20 inches in Newark. Airlines grounded hundreds of inbound and outbound flights at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. Travelers? troubles didn?t end there. Buses in New Jersey, New York and other areas stopped running and railroads, like the LIRR, experienced slow service.
The powerful storm knocked out power to 15,000 New Jersey and 250 Connecticut homes. Many residents expressed disbelief over how this mild winter turned into a fierce blizzard in one weekend. Now, officials say things could get worse. Although the snow has stopped falling, melting may cause flooding.