Bridgeport residents furious with plan to change cul-de-sac

Bridgeport residents in the North End say they are furious with a plan to extend their cul-de-sac in both directions.
Residents on Alba Avenue say they were never consulted about this plan to change the peaceful ambiance their community is famous for.
Tanya Joseph, one of the residents, says she loves the quiet little enclave hidden away from vehicle traffic and drug traffic.
Joseph says the plan will turn the peaceful area in to the kind of busy area people were trying to escape when they bought their homes.
The city began by cutting down trees on either end of the street without telling residents about the project.
"Part of the reason why my family and I purchased this home is because we were promised the street would never open,” says one resident who just received confirmation that Alba Avenue will be opening on both ends.
Residents are concerned about safety, loss of privacy and potentially their property values.
“I don’t like it,” says Willie Durant, another resident. “Actually, I am scared for the kids and for the community because there’s going to be a lot of traffic through here and somebody’s going to get hurt.”
Residents say the city officials told them the street’s being opened up so emergency vehicles can have better access.
Neighbors say they have started a petition and plan to address the City Council.