Bronx hit hard by hail, severe storms

Hail, thunder and lightning pounded the Bronx Monday afternoon, causing flooding and damage.
The summer storm left many Bronx residents feeling nervous. ?It was really scary because [the hail stones] were at least an inch thick,? George Aitken says. ?They just kept plummeting and hitting the house with force.?
The hail was about the size of a quarter. Combined with heavy rain, thunder and lightning, the storm pummeled the Bronx hard. Residents experienced flooding, downed trees and cloud-to-ground lightning during the storm.
?I?ve heard about things like this happening in the Midwest, but I?ve never experienced it, ever,? Aitken says.
The National Weather Service says there was intense cloud-to-ground lightning and damaging winds of up to 50 mph in the area. They also say at one point, rainfall rates were up to 1.5 inches.
Some residents say the storm ruined their day, while others say they felt like they were experiencing a winter wonderland in mid-August.
The weather was significantly calmer Monday evening.
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